I started out by asking the client what they were looking for - they told me that they wanted a logo that could be used on the site and look great on any apparel they decided to produce in the future. Below you will find the many variations I designed for the client before agreeing on a final logo:

Target Audience: 
Fans and readers of the blog site

To create an effective logo for the site. 

logo design, art direction, typography, communication​​​​​​​, branding, symphonic thinking, adobe draw, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator

1 month

Deciding what aspects of the logo to keep and what to take away.

Coming to an agreement on a final logo and seeing that logo come into fruition on hoodies and T-shirts.

Final Results & Evaluation:
The creator of the blog fell in love with the design and even posted a pic on Instagram with her wearing it on a hoodie :)!

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