First, I came up with a 20 word list that acted as the embodiment of the company as a whole. What is the aesthetic? What vibe is this place going to have? These were some questions I asked myself when coming up with this list. After that, I worked on some initial sketches for the company's logo, refined the strongest ones, and applied them to real world mockups. This and more can be found below:
Target Audience:
Anyone interested in a hip new hangout spot to grab bread, coffee, and other tasty treats.

I was in charge of creating/re-shaping Boston Boxed Bread Co.'s brand identity through logo design, signage design, package design, and more.

logo design, art direction, typography, communication, branding, symphonic thinking, color theory, adobe indesign, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator

1 month

Visualizing/shaping a brand identity for a company that I've never heard of or seen before.

Seeing my final design on mockups such as signage and apparel.

Final Results and Evaluation:
I actually went back and changed a few things regarding the company's logo. I just felt that the previous versions didn't capture the emotion and aesthetic that I wanted to portray. So, I went back and changed one version of the logo I had done previously, as well as created a few new versions.

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