The client already had a clear idea of where she wanted to go with the overall aesthetic of the designs. She even sent me a few finished labels. In order to make her vision a reality, I became influenced by the labels she had sent me in order to come up with a few of my own. She wanted the labels, as well as the logo to look tropical, but not too cliché. This was why I decided on making the colors warm, but not too vibrant. I sent her a few concepts, she told me which ones she was in favor of, and I pushed those designs into what you see above.

Target Audience: 
Anyone 21+ who would enjoy this alcoholic beverage.

It was my job to converse with the client via email and text: from sketches, all the way to final designs. 

communication, color theory, art direction, symphonic thinking, creativity, punctuality, collaboration, organization, listening, visual hierarchy, attention to detail, adobe photoshop, adobe indesign, adobe illustrator

1 month

Making sure the overall aesthetic was tropical, without being too obvious.

Making the client happy :)

Final Results and Evaluation:
I loved working on this project and seeing the clients vision come to life!
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