Target Audience: 
Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge on typefaces and how they can be applied to various designs.

I was in charge of collecting the information given, organizing it to ensure legibility, and adding other elements to make the newsletter more interesting to look at.

communication, art direction, symphonic thinking, creativity, visual hierarchy, layout, typography, color theory, interactive pdf, adobe acrobat, adobe indesign

1 month

Setting up the type so that it was easy to read and didn't take up too much space on each page. I needed to leave room for images and other elements, which is why I inserted the text first. This allowed me to make the necessary changes, while planning where to put other components of the layout.

Creating my first interactive PDF, as well as generating a deeper understanding of typography and layout.

Final Results and Evaluation:
This was one of the very first in-class assignments of mine where students were given the text to go within the designs. This made it a fundamental stepping stone in my educational timeline.
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