I was inspired to create the logo and flyers shown above after spotting a very interesting layout within a book for one of my classes. The book went in depth to explain and display how to successfully design various types of advertisements for different companies. In order to execute the designs properly, I started out explaining what I wanted at group meetings, since I was the designer of the club. 
Target Audience: 
Anyone interested in joining Film Club or just interested in the club in general.

I was in charge of updating the clubs brand identity - this included coordinating and executing successful designs for different events on campus. I was also apart of the E-board within the club.

logo design, typography, photography, layout, communication, organization, symphonic thinking, creativity, color coordination, printing and cutting, adobe indesign, adobe photoshop

10 months

Limited communication and short deadlines.

Increase in the amount of group members due to flyers.

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