In order to successfully design the brand identity guidebook, I had to think like the company. So, before starting any sketches, I visited the company website in order to gain more insight on their brand identity. This consisted of graphic elements, paragraph styles, typefaces, colors, and more. After I collected this information within a folder on my laptop I started to map out the guidebook. After many renditions, the guidebook was completed and compiled into an interactive PDF, where one could click links in order to contact the company via email.

Target Audience: 
Anyone interested in learning about Heifer International.

To design a guidebook that could actually replicate one produced by the company. 

symphonic thinking, attention to detail, visual hierarchy, color theory, typography, layout, creativity, branding, art direction, interactive pdf, adobe acrobat, adobe photoshop, adobe indesign

1 month

Getting myself to think like the company by analyzing every component of their website, social media pages, and blog.

Seeing the final prints of the guidebook on display at the student exhibition presented at the Merrimack College McCoy Gallery.

Final Results and Evaluation:
This project really got me to think in terms of system design and how well known company's keep their visual/textual information both clear and concise in order to fit the overall look and feel of the brand.
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