Since I was still attending college I was very busy with other projects, and was on a bit of a time crunch due to the two week deadline - so what did I do? Well, for starters, I made the most of the resources around me and thought of the most successful and efficient idea - to use myself in the designs. I reached out to Kevin Salemme, a well known professor and photographer on campus. I knew Kev was great at taking pictures, and even had his own website to schedule headshot appointments. I utilized this resource to schedule an appointment of my own and he helped shape my creative vision by coaching me through various poses for the shots you see below. He sent me the pictures, I went into photoshop to edit them, printed and cut them, and then scanned them so that they could be placed into the final designs shown above. In order to match the brand identity Hopothecary Ales was trying to portray, I made the pictures and ads look as though they were from the 1930's - a time were home remedies and medicine was really evolving - hence the apothecary aspect of the company's overall image/aesthetic.
Target Audience: 
Not only older, pre-established drinkers between the ages of 40 and on, but younger ones as well - particularly college students between the ages of 21 and 25.

It was my job to bridge the gap between these two target audiences and since I was a college senior at the time, I knew how to connect to that target audience. That is why I made the ads have an aesthetic that was both traditional and contemporary - one that both audiences could relate to. I did this by including a college-aged drinker in the ad, while still maintaining the overall aesthetic of Hopothecary Ales. I also made the ads look as though they were wrapped in plastic - with a sticker placed in the upper right hand corner that was made to resemble an RX label. The label can be read as follows: "General Population: Elixir - 128 drams, 8.1% ABV - Take 1 to 3 bottles by mouth daily w/ food. Side FX may include: large amounts of laughter, happiness, and relaxation."

symphonic thinking, layout and typography, color theory and coordination, efficiency, resourcefulness, organization, communication, team player, adaptation, visual hierarchy, adobe indesign, adobe photoshop

2 weeks

Having such a short deadline, while managing other projects.

Winning the contest and getting hired for the internship position!

Final Results & Evaluation:
Overall, this was a very fun and interesting project to work on and I am glad that I was able to make the owners of the company smile when I showed them the designs during the interview.
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