My team and I started out by coming up with a creative brief, which consisted of the following: the client: Human Development students, marketing objectives, advertising goals, target audience, substantiation, brand positioning, mandatories, project timeline, etc. We would meet weekly in order to discuss these parameters and more until the toy was fully constructed.
Target Audience: 
Early to mid 30's working class, middle class, and upper class parents (specifically moms). The toy was made for 18 month year old children, but activities could be interchanged to meet the demands of older age groups as they developed. In other words, the table could grow with the child(ren) playing with it. For my team's age group, we decided to target all four domains of childhood development: cognitive, affective, physical, and motor.

Lead Designer of the group, as well as project manager.

Leadership, organization, team player, project management, symphonic thinking, branding, creative direction, typography, color, layout, technology for virtual meetings, adobe illustrator, adobe indesign, adobe photoshop

4 months

Making sure everyone stayed on task and understood one another. This was difficult because each major thought differently. Also, not everyone participated during the virtual meetings, which made things take a bit longer than expected.

Creating a final toy that met all of the safety regulations and qualifications while still being unique.

Final Results & Evaluation:
At the end of the semester each group came together to present their toy at the annual Research and Creative Achievement Conference held at Merrimack College. Afterwards, each toy was critiqued by parents and children from the area so that one winner could be selected.

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